Q: How many tokens can I expect to get?

A: We have reserved 5% of any future Socket token supply towards security. We have not yet determined how much will go to Surge Wave 1 as we will have future waves of Surge, future audits and bug bounties to account for. We will strongly take SurgePoints from the OGs in Wave 1 into consideration.

Q: Can we participate as a team?

A: Yes, you are free to participate as a team and we have known teams participating, using a single address you share or control together with a multisig. SocketSentinels’ governance role and allocation will be enacted through the NFT you share together. At the time of any token award, we would need to KYC each person on the multisig. Keep in mind that at the time of any token allocation we are only looking at addresses, so you’d split anything between yourselves.

Q: Can I participate as an anon?

A: Yes, but we will need to KYC you before any token allocation.

Q: What happens if I disagree with how Socket Labs has judged my bug submission?

A: We have appointed 3 independent arbiters to adjudicate any reviewed bugs. Please note that you will have to stake $1000 in USDC to request a review, refundable if we grant it to you.

Q: How does minting my SocketSentinels NFT work?

A: At the end of the SocketSurge wave 1, we will invite qualifying participants to mint using the wallet address they signed up and submitted bugs with. The mint will be on Ethereum mainnet, and your points and achievements will be encoded as metadata at time of mint.

Q: What happens after Surge wave 1 and I receive my NFT?

A: The SocketSentinels token-gated Discord channels will open up, and we will begin briefing the SocketSentinels on our plans for the later Surge phases, which will be focused on node operators, protocol developers and crosschain protocol end users, with potential other security challenges. We will hold regular community calls with SocketSentinels, but more information on the exact roles and responsibilities within SocketSentinels post-Surge will be forthcoming.